Syllabus for Taming the Tongue

CMY 2015-2016 Fall/Winter Course

Instructors: Rebbetzin Keturah & Elder Yvonne Mundy


Course will be streamed live starting at 4pm on the following dates. Notes will be uploaded after each class is finished for those watching online.



JAN 23RD & 30TH, 2016


Books needed: Taming the Tongue by Mark Kinzer, 30 Days to Taming the Tongue by Deborah Pegues & Opt. Supplement- The Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson a Day from Artscroll – ALL RESOURCES CAN BE PURCHASED HERE AT OUR BOOKSTORE ONLINE.


Prerequisite/Info for Each Class Date:

  • Before each class date, you must have the materials read beforehand.
  • The object of the class is to provide summaries of lessons learned from the reading assignments and to discuss that material…not to discuss new material as we go along as a group.
  • It is also helpful to have a pen & paper to write down notes.
  • We will only stop to answer small questions that relate to the subject as we go along. All other questions can be asked via the “Ask the Rabbi” form and we will answer them during the relevant subject date.


Course Assignments:


1.) 30 Days Taming the tongue book

  • Appendixes A-C –Daily reflection exercises for everyone to keep proper perspective on their speech, thoughts and intentions


2) Supplemental Assignment for the entire Course:

  • Chaim Book- Read “An overview” p. xxi-xlv & “Prayer for Divine Assistance in matters of speech” located after the “Table of Contents”- it will help you understand this course better from a Torah perspective by using “Jewish” eyes.



Class One: Spiritual Taming the tongue/ The Shechinah Departs 

Taming the Tongue book

  • Chapter 1


[Lessons from the Chof. Chaim Book] – if you have this book, please read:

  • Pg 84- Definition of Lashon hora, Day 18, 20, 21


Class Two: The Harsh Tongue

30 Days to taming the tongue Book

  • Chapters 13-16- “The Belittling Tongue, Cynical Tongue, Know-it-all Tongue, & Harsh Tongue”


Class Three: Problems the tongue creates

Taming the tongue Book

  • Chapters 2 & 3- “The Warring of the Tongue & Whispering with a neighbour”


Class Four: The Negative & Discouraging Tongue

30 Days to taming the tongue Book

  • Chapters 23, 26-30 – “The complaining tongue, Discouraging Tongue, Doubting tongue, loquacious tongue, indiscreet & silent Tongues”


Class Five: Ways to help overcome & conquer your tongue & thoughts – January 23rd

  • -Effective Prayers, resources, Q &A session


Class Six- End of Course “Rebuilding the Tongue” – January 30th


Taming the Tongue Book by Mark

  • Chapters 5-7 – Edifying & Praising with our Tongue


[Lessons learned from supplemental Chof. Chaim Book overview]

  • General Lessons from the Chof. Chaim. on Lashon hora based on the reading assignment from the book (listed under course assignments)